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Positioned alongside the central and lower sections of the Yellow River, the Henan Province covers the central part of eastern China. The capital city is Zhengzhou. The Province has 79,500 km of roads, out of which 2,678 km are highways. The capital city of Zhengzhou is intersected by four international routes of container transportation and it is a meeting point of two arterial railroads (Beijing - Kowloon and Long-Hai), a fact making Zhengzhou the largest railroad hub in China. Moreover, the city is also the largest passenger and cargo railroad station at the eastern end of the Lianyungang and Lowlands route. The Province is served by three airports, with the Zhengzhou airport operating direct flights to Moscow, Munich and Frankfurt, to name just a few.

The Province is rich in mineral resources, e.g. molybdenum, cyanide, clay, coal, natural gas, aluminum, gold, silver and marble. The greater part of GDP (52.6%) is generated by the secondary sector. In addition, the Province is an important agricultural area where 9.5% of the overall Chinese crop is harvested, the staple products being wheat, corn, cotton, oil plants, tobacco plants & leaves, meat (10% of the national output), eggs and poultry (the 2nd and 3rd places in China). As regards dry noodles, instant noodles and frozen products, the Province comes out on top in the country. Counted among local major industries can be: textile, food, metallurgy, building materials, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment and chemical industry. The heftiest investments are made by companies based in Hong Kong, followed by firms operating from Taiwan and USA. The international investors put their money primarily into the processing industry, agriculture, mining, electricity supplies and into the real property.

Top political leaders:
Chen Run'er, governor
Land area:
167,000 km²
Capital city:
Official website: