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Vienna - City and Federal Province -, as the federal capital of Austria, is a cosmopolitan metropolis in the heart of Europe, making it a very lively and thriving city. The determining factors that make this possible are the magnetism of a multicultural city filled with history, the city's successful position as a bridge between the Western and Eastern economies, and its favorable geographical position in the heart of Europe; particularly, however, Vienna has consistently championed the vision of urban development for decades, placing social cohesion at the center of this vision with all its political decisions, and combining this policy with innovative strength, creativity and sustainability. With 30 international organizations boasting their headquarters in the city, Vienna is also a center of international diplomacy, one of the most important congress cities in the world, and it is also a very popular tourist destination.

Top political leaders:
Michael Häupl, Mayor and Governor
Land area:
415 km²
Capital city:
Administrative arrangement:
23 city districts
Official website: