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Lover Bavaria is the second largest administrative region of Bavaria, with  Straubing, Passau and Deggendorf as the region's major cities. This popular region encompasses the subregions of Deggendorf, Dingolfing-Landau, Freyung-Grafenau, Kelheim im Altmühltal, Lands-hut, Passau,  Regen im Bayerischen Wald, Rottal-Inn and Straubing-Bogen. Holidaymakers will appreciate particularly the Bavarian Forest, the vicinity of Passau and the Lower Bavarian spa triangle known also as "the land of spas & golf courses". Counted among the most popular excursion places in Lower Bavaria can be Asamkirche and the monastery of Weltenburg am Donaudurchbruch bei Kelheim with the oldest monastic brewery. The Bavarian Forest with the hilltops of Javor, Luzný, Roklan and Dreisesselberg offers wonderful opportunities for recreation and leisure time activities, summers and winters equally. The visitors may spend their free time hiking, playing golf, making boat trips or riding their bicycles, be they standard machines, mountain or electrical cycles. The region comprises 64 protected areas (Isarmündung) and 63 registered nature preserves (the Bavarian Forest). As regards universities and the institutions of higher education, the ones most conspicuous are Hochschule Deggendorf (founded 1994), Hochschule Landshut (founded 1978) and the Passau University (founded 1978). Glassmaking trail, a nature trail about 250 km long, is one of the prettiest holiday trails in Germany. Starting from the town of Neustadt an der Waldnaab the trail wends its way across the Upper Palatinate and Bavarian Forest and ends as far as the "three-river city" of Passau.

Altötting is an administrative district in Upper Bavaria. Its eponymous capital city Altötting is noted for the "Gnadenkapelle" (or the Chapel of Miraculous Painting), one of the most frequented sacred shrines in Germany. The region is often visited by bikers and hikers, also those who prefer to enjoy their hobby in high mountains. The place offers a multitude of baroque churches, monasteries and mansions such as the Burghaus with the longest castle in the world. The town of Marktl is the birthplace of pope Benedict XVI.

Top political leaders:
Olaf Heinrich, state president & member of ERDV Presidium
Rainer Haselbeck, government president
Land area:
10,898 km²
Capital city:
Landshut (DB)
Administrative arrangement:
9 administrative districts + 3 municipal districts
Official website: